We help you organize your ideas, transform your vision into reality and adapt the right infrastructure to the needs of your business model – making your business faster, more flexible, and more agile. All from a single source.

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consense solutions is a boutique consultancy
for telecommunications and IT infrastructure.

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No two projects are alike.
Knowledge is the key to success.
We have years of experience handling a variety of projects
and offer a wide range of expertise in all industries.

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Job done! One of our customers in the logistics sector is now using its brand-new SD-WAN with SIP integration between three different countries. This is exciting for us, because the bar has been set high – very high.
Before we came along, the customer had not really been satisfied with any carrier solution and operated its network itself. It has now been reaping the benefits of the new network performance since early 2018, and we haven’t heard anything from it since. That’s a good sign in our industry.

After the fruitful experiences with operational risk requirements in conjunction with Basel II and numerous completed projects, we are now following up with another bank-related project. Our finance customer, which has offices in Switzerland and Germany, has been successfully operating its entire DR infrastructure based on our design for the past four years. Problems with the revision are now a thing of the past. Speeds have also been increased for all staff thanks to our Ethernet technology, which offers the customer faster throughput and reliability through a hybrid approach

Ready to adopt new network technology? Then you’ve already taken a big step towards achieving a new stage of technophile bliss – much like one of our other customers in the logistics sector. The next step requires parting ways with its previous provider and doing away with obsolete, inflexible technology. All that’s left now is to get a skilled project team on board and everything will be ready for takeoff.
The operation of locations around the world, launching new technologies, parallel operation and major cost pressure have certain pitfalls. Here, it can also be helpful to implement a hybrid network with convergent solutions for SIP and security and, ultimately, have a dependable partner who can take full responsibility and offer everything from a single source.

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